Support for Students Award -The Orpheus Centre Case Study

The Orpheus Centre delivers a holistic approach to individual needs of students addressing their wellbeing as well as their aspirations to become independent and overcome challenges.

Our whole college ethos is motivated by ‘kaizen’; a team-driven incremental continuous improvement culture to improve quality, empowering not only our staff but our students to be innovative, creative and willing to take risks to achieve success. Together we are ready for the future and our students are too.

Our students are highly motivated and inspired by the exciting arts curriculum and the opportunities they have to perform both locally and nationally. We use supported experiments to engage students in new initiatives and are constantly sharing good practice and reflection within the team to improve teaching and student participation.

We focus on providing individual study programmes and targeted support for students enabling them to have experiences at college, exposure to the outside world and opportunities to engage with external partners leading to increased confidence and ability to manage life as an adult. Together we are ready for the future.

Our innovative approach is strongly linked to Preparing for Adulthood and leads to improved outcomes for students enabling them to take control of their future.