Support for Students Award Kirklees College Case Study

The ‘Swap Don’t Drop’ initiative was aimed at reducing the number of students aged 16 – 18 leaving Kirklees College. It provided an opportunity to review the college curriculum offer to better meet the needs of local young people.

The strategy was developed to tackle the number of students who left college during the first 6 weeks of term. The call to action was to think of alternative options before withdrawing from a course. As a result: 469 students were referred; 170 students were re-engaged on a level 1, 2 or 3 vocational programme; 85 students participated on Vocational Focus programmes (52 students remained on programme, 9 students transferred back to full-time programmes, 1 gained an apprenticeship and 23 students have been withdrawn).

A Curriculum Area Manager post was created to provide leadership and focus on this key area and a dedicated Progress Coach resource made available to support the programme. Our engagement with Yorkshire Children’s Centre was developed to further build and consolidate our ‘alternative’ provision for our most challenging and disadvantaged young people.

In 2016 – 17, 95% of full time students gained a positive destination in employment or education, an increase from 89% in 2014- 15. The initiative was a success and will continue.