Support for Students Award Kingston Maurward College Case Study

Our Foundation Studies department boasts a range of study programmes for learners with special educational needs. These combine multidisciplinary specialist teaching with Social Enterprise participation.

The diverse student experience, combining inter-departmental teaching with student participation in Peakhill Social Enterprise, allows learners to gain a wide variety of transferrable, practical skills. This promotes progression towards long-term aspirations of employment and community participation and provides learners with opportunities to make choices about their own future.

Our provision not only equips learners with a diverse set of skills to improve their employability prospects, but provides learners with individualised support and essential life skills coaching. This affords learners with a clear sense of direction, autonomy and motivation and awards them a greater sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

Sharing resources with other departments in the College provides learners on mainstream study programmes with the opportunity to work with our SEN learners. This has proven to be a great success in terms of raising awareness of learning disabilities and promoting inclusive teaching and learning across the entire College.

Our provision aims to equip students with the academic, personal and social skills needed to enable them to fully participate in college and community life.