Support for Students Award - Coleg Elidyr Case Study

Students at Coleg Elidyr face numerous challenges. Over half of the students have autism and all have moderate to severe learning difficulties and disabilities.

Excellence in student support is manifested through the integration of a ‘Total Communication’ environment with baseline assessing and progress recording mechanisms in a 24-hour curriculum. By putting communication at the heart of teaching and learning, student achievement is supported by a breadth of specialist techniques, resources and ongoing professional development.

An emphasis on ensuring all learners are provided with every opportunity to both understand and be understood has increased individuals’ achievement rates. The rigorous and structured approach towards baseline assessing, teaching, learning and assessment has also led to improvements in behaviour management. Evidence also suggests staff feel more effectively supported.

Best practice is shared through the integration of accredited and non-accredited learning outcomes into person-centred rather than qualification-driven programmes of learning. This is particularly relevant for pre-entry learners for whom effective communication is a fundamental barrier to learning and there is a pan-sector dearth of consistency in recording learner progress.

The college’s approach provides a broad, balanced and wholly person-centred curriculum and student experience to effectively build individuals’ skills for life and work.