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Colleges test out Veo cameras

18 January 2021

Thirty colleges will be receiving a Veo camera for free use during the spring term as part of the English Colleges Football Association and Veo partnership. The selected colleges will have 10 weeks to use Veo, allowing them to capture footage of fixtures, training, and lessons across football, hockey, and netball, for both staff and students to watch back remotely. This is made easier as Veo technology lets you record sports matches without a camera operator. The inbuilt automatic recording and video-editing enables coaches and players to invest their time in watching and analysing footage instead of filming and clipping it themselves. The videos give automised panoramic, ball detector and player detector views. The platform contains analytical and sharing features enabling all users to access and utilise the content. Here’s what some colleges already using Veo have said: “The Veo software allows us to use the players’ recovery session the following day as a chance to watch the game back and analyse their performance as a team. Players are then able to create individual highlights of their performance and gain feedback from their coaches in their 1-1 sessions. Having access to game footage also allows us to showcase our teams’ performances across all social media platforms, which has been a great way to engage with current and potential students.” Sam Clarke - Sports Development and Physical Activity Instructor, East Norfolk Sixth Form College “The teachers also share the use of the Veo-cam which is essential in capturing and achieving evidence to support their individual areas of vocational study. For example, a staff member will set the camera up and then the student will look at performing their sports coaching session or skill acquisition practical. Once the session has been completed the footage can be uploaded and sent to the student within 24 hours. They can then use this to reflect upon and make reference to within their theory work outlining any strengths and areas of development. This data is archived and can easily be accessed.” Mark Walsh - Deputy Head of School: Active Industries, Milton Keynes College “We have been using the Veo camera and software at Torquay Academy this year for our football programmes from year 7 through to our full-time programme at post 16. Veo has benefited our players and coaches by allowing our games to be filmed in all weathers without the need for a camera operator. The setup is so simple and you can easily do two games back-to-back on one charge. Once the video has been clipped by the Veo robots you can share the game or highlights with all parents and players. This has been an amazing option for at-home analysis for players on their phones or laptops which is a huge help with everyone’s busy schedules.” Chris Hogg - Director of Football, Torquay Academy