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What is Roundnet?

Roundnet is best described as a fusion between volleyball and squash. It’s a 360° game played in two teams of two, with a circular net. The concept is very similar to beach volleyball, with each team having up to three touches of the ball before hitting it onto the net (instead of over the net like in volleyball). The rally continues until a team cannot return the ball or a fault occurs.

How can colleges get involved?

Zero Bounds with GB Roundnet (the NGB) are looking to grow this new sport in the UK after gaining a huge interest in at Universities. ZeroBound are offering ½ day taster sessions, where they will come and introduce roundnet to your college. All equipment is provided by Zero Bounds and they can help introduce the sport and offer CPD. Roundnet is being used in schools and universities to add a new dimension to PE sessions.

If you are interested in introducing Roundnet you your college, please contact

Zero Bounds have also created a rules and lessons plan document you can download and create your own sessions as part of your enrichment or sports sessions, you can download via the below link.

Zero Bound-Lesson-Plans-and-Rules

How can students get involved?

All you need to play Roundnet, is a net, and 3 other people. Zerobounds have created a site where you can meet up with new people to play Roundnet in your community

Play Roundnet in your community