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Archon Fitness Rating

What is the Archon Fitness Rating (AFR)?

Archon created the first ever rating for fitness (AFR), allowing everyone to understand their fitness and what it could mean for them in the future. Creating a universal fitness rating means that everyone will have the ability to see how fit they are, and once armed with that information, what that could possibly lead too.

As part of the AFR, there is a handicap built within the rating (similar to golf). Everyone will be rated on their physical ability via the BIG10 on an equal footing, taking into account height, weight, age and gender to give a number based purely on performance.

This stops the comparison against the unachievable standards of others.

The BIG10

  1. 30/30 Row
  2. Deadlift (10 reps, 1 minute)
  3. Squat (10 reps, 1 minute)
  4. Push Press (10 reps, 1 minute)
  5. Bench Press (10 reps, 1 minute)
  6. 12 minute Cooper run
  7. 3 minute cycle (Watts or Metres)
  8. Burpee Up/Down (3 minute max reps)
  9. Box Jumps (3 minute mac reps)
  10. Butterfly Sit-Ups (3 minute max reps)

How can colleges get involved?

Archon are offering access to their platform and the AFR for everyone at your college once you have opted in. They can work with you as soon as you opt-in to get your college branded registration urls, platform and college-speficic AFR set up, so the roll out will be ready for the September intake. This means you are in effect paying for 12-months (Sept 2022 – Aug 2023) but getting 5 months free, to embed it into the colleges and hit the road running come the next academic year.

That means, every student and staff member in your college will have access to the rating by doing the simple BIG10 movements. You will also get access to downloadable frames that you can add your college, or college team logo too that you can share on social media.

There are multiple ways you can use the AFR in your college some examples are:

Staff and Students

Create a branded URL for your entire staff and students, where everyone can compare their performance in one place visible only to your college. This will allow Archon to provide you feedback on user numbers, assessments and top scorers.


Using as part of your fitness qualifications, as part of the fitness testing element. Evidence obtained through Archon may be used to support testing in student portfolios. Programmes in the qualification framework can also be developed based on the data collected by Archon.


Your college sports teams would benefit from knowing their fitness levels, strengths and weaknesses. Using Archon, you can create a bespoke testing protocols based on the specific demands of the particular sport.

Challenges / Competitions

You can set up a variety of challenges or competitions that staff and students can take part in, it can vary from walking to work out of the day (WODS), using body weight or working out in the gym. A simple pin number system will allow any member of the college to participate in the challenge.

As well as all the above options, opting in will allow your college to enter into mass participation and national in person competitions competing against other colleges as part of AoC Sport or Archon.

There will be four stages of competition;

  1. Mass participation – Everyone completes the AFR by completing the BIG10.
  2. The announcement – this is the cut off date when everyone submits their final AFR scores.
  3. Regionals held to find the top 64 athletes in each region.
  4. Final – The top athletes will compete head to head at a live final to find out who is the Fittest student.

Colleges can Opt-in for £549 via the link below or by emailing

Sign up to get access to Archon Fitness Rating

For more information about the Archon Fitness rating download the pack here.

How can students get involved?

When your college signs up to Archon, you will have access to the system using your colleges unique pin number – you can then start working on your BIG10 movements and completing your best score by uploading to the site. This can be done anywhere – at home, at college or in your local gym.