Social Distancing (Anonymous)

Number and mix of 16-18, 14-16 and adult learners

  • 16-18 study programmes - 4,691
  • 14-16 - 29
  • Adults learners (AEB), 4,119
  • Apprenticeships (all aes), 2,719
  • Higher Education, 414
  • A-Levels - 195

Number of campuses, type of estate

The College utilises six campuses, two of which are rented accommodation.

What have been your key considerations when applying the guidance on social distancing?

The College has used the government’s guidance for Colleges and Early Years Settings as a sound basis for determining its social distancing rules.

The College including the nursey has considered the other safety measures that it has in place as part of its risk assessments to keep staff, students, parents and visitors safe when the College reopens.

Consideration has been given to whether staff groups need to work on campus or whether they can continue to work from home.

The time that people spend with one another in any particular area has been a consideration when proposing social distancing guidance.

The volumes of people in any space (communal, refectory, LRC, classroom and staff room) has been considered so that maximum occupancy can be determined.

Consideration has been given to ensuring that any additional needs of SEND students, resulting from changes to the College layout to meet social distancing plans, have been met.

Consideration has been given to the numbers of students that can fit into each classroom that meets government guidance but supports the need to ensure that the teaching delivery methods are still cost effective.

How are you planning to manage social distancing?  In social spaces? In classrooms?

In social spaces and staffrooms, the College is proposing 2m social distancing.

There are posters, video displays, and floor markings to encourage social distancing. Travel through the College will be one way where possible, with stairs being designated up or down.

The College will ask all of its staff to act as ‘marshals’ to encourage compliance with social distancing. Students have a Student Charter which sets out ‘do and don’ts ‘in relation to saying safe and behaviour towards others when in College which includes social distancing.

The start and finish times of student classes will be staggered to reduce volumes in social spaces. Classes will be taught in morning or afternoon blocks to reduce the need for breaks.

Lunch breaks if required will be staggered and the refectory will be set out so that table and chairs are 2m apart. Staff and students will be encouraged to bring in food from home.

Toilet facilities will be arranged so that people only enter one person in and one person out.

Staff parking in College Car parks will encouraged to be park their cars in the same direction.

The maximum occupancy of staff rooms will be highlighted outside each room. Staff will be encouraged to spend minimal time in these spaces.

In classrooms the College is proposing 1.5m social distancing.

Tables and chairs are set out to ensure 1.5m distance from each seat and all face forwards to minimise transmission.

Specialist spaces are being set up to ensure social distancing.

Classrooms will be opened at the start of each lesson so that students can go straight into the class and not wait in corridors.

Consideration is being given to putting screens in each classroom so that teachers can work with students at less than 1.5m.

In the Nurseries

Although social distancing is not possible with children under 5, children are grouped in bubbles (in each room) The bubbles do not mix and staff work in their own bubble.

Areas where children from rooms may mix, such as toilets, have been divided to avoid contact between bubbles.

Where a large number of children are playing in a particular area, staff encourage children to play in other areas to avoid crowding.

We have given consideration to staff numbers in rooms and reduced child numbers in smaller rooms to allow staff to social distance.

Consideration has been given to arrivals and departures, with session times changed to avoid overcrowding on entrance, markers are on floor to show 2 metre distance rules, and allow cleaning between morning and afternoon sessions. Different entry points have been identified at both nurseries where needed.

Staff rooms have been arranged to allow staff to maintain 2 metre social distancing. Limits on the number of staff allowed in staff room at any one time have been set and an additional area has been identified if needed.