Skills and Education Group for social mobility and widening participation - Cardiff and Vale College Case Study

CAVC provision provides a curriculum that promotes meaningful progression for ESOL learners into further vocational or academic learning, higher education, employment, and/or improved community cohesion.

The offer caters for a diverse community of asylum seekers, refugees, women in closed communities, young people, parents, learners with disabilities and professionals with ESOL needs ranging from pre-entry to level 2. Learners develop language skills within a vocational context thereby promoting progression and expansion of existing skills.

courses in partnership with vocational provision has resulted in learners widening their aspirations, developing confidence and further integrating into the wider college community. Outcomes include progression to mainstream programmes, starting small business enterprises, securing employment with the college and becoming award-winning student ambassadors.

successful track record in providing responsive provision enables further developments including the Stepping into FE programme designed to meet school leaver needs, a cohort with a high drop-out rate. Similarly, with the ESOL+ Health & Cancer wareness which is being rolled out nationally to increase awareness, break down barriers and promote early detection.

The provision takes a holistic approach to cater for the ever-changing migration and the demands of a growing community with varied needs, skills and challenges.