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Our team exist to ensure that your college can continue to flourish and develop, whatever your need. Our services include:

Change and Transformation

Supporting you in planning and implementing positive change.

Implementing critical changes in an organisation can be daunting and lonely. Even when you know those changes will ultimately benefit everyone, the process of change itself can be difficult both for staff and students.

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Growing Apprenticeship Provision

Ensuring you’re ready to grow your apprenticeship provision in line with new Government standards.

We will work with you to instil the confidence that management and delivery staff need to support the strategic development and implementation of apprenticeship provision within your college.

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When you work with our consultancy team, we use our extensive experience to make sure your decisions are more informed, and your experience smooth and straight forward.

How can Association of Colleges help?

We start by understanding the changes you are trying to make, and the challenges you need to overcome. Once we’re clear about your direction, we will put together a carefully selected team of experts to help you get there. They will have first-hand knowledge of relevant policy areas and helped other organisations successfully overcome challenges similar to your own. They will work with you to create a detailed plan and provide support throughout the implementation process.

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Our team of expert consultants have the extensive experience and proven results to support your college through all stages of the Apprenticeship journey.

The team can assist you in:

  • Establishing your approach – reviewing and establishing your approach to Apprenticeships, identifying and building a compelling and relevant offer, providing advice on your delivery model
  • Building capacity and capability – designing and building the necessary structures, staffing models, pricing and marketing strategy necessary for your Apprenticeship provision to thrive
  • Developing your employer engagement strategy apprenticeship employer engagement strategy – working with you to design a comprehensive employer engagement strategy reflective of local labour market needs
  • Growing your provision – recognising areas for Apprenticeship growth, undertaking competitor analysis, developing and implementing your business plan

Pre- and Post-Merger Support

Understanding the impact of a merger and receiving guidance and mapping of what a potential merger process could entail will be essential.

Teaching and Learning

Whether your college needs support around Ofsted inspections, curriculum models or finance and funding, our consultants can help.

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Pre-Merger Support

Our pre-merger support includes due diligence, profiling, stakeholder engagement, working with neighbouring colleges, consultation on forms of collaboration and mediation as well as legal advice.

Post-Merger Support

Once a college has been through a merger, it is important that they are integrated quickly and effectively. Our post-merger support includes MIS & HR integration, curriculum planning, financial planning, branding, cultural change and PR, redundancy consultation, reskilling and governance restructuring.

Post-Merger Progress & Prospects Appraisal

The impact of a merger on a college and its stakeholders can be complex. Monitoring progress and distilling outcomes is essential to success in the long-term. Achieving a successful merger relies on effective integration and tracking through a measurable, evidence-based action plan.

The Post Merger Progress & Prospects Appraisal enables college staff to measure progress towards their aims, apply early intervention to course correct where needed, and most importantly, to build capability within teams to ensure the long-term strength and sustainability of a college following a merger.

Get in touch with our team to have a conversation about how we can support you.

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Ofsted inspections

We have a wealth of experience in helping further education colleges implement Ofsted guidance across all areas of FE. We will ensure you are fully compliant in meeting learning and development requirements, consulting closely to deliver effective leadership and management. Putting measures into practice early on ensures that inspections will go smoothly.

Curriculum models

Our training and support services help colleges to build effective mechanisms for understanding learner, community or employer needs. We help ensure that curriculum changes are based on proper evidence that respond to the needs of learners.

Finance and funding

Our consultants can help college leadership to make more informed decisions when it comes to finance, advising on people and staff costs, pensions, subcontracting, copyright and other licensing costs, purchasing and other areas of financial concern.


Ensuring governors, senior leaders and teaching staff are compliant with health and safety, safeguarding and prevent duty in line with best practice.

Bid Writing Support

We have a pool of experts who specialise in tender writing with a wealth of experience in the public sector.

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The further education sector provides a plethora of governance challenges. We work closely with colleges to implement improved structural and operational practises, and to support senior leadership in measuring and reviewing effectiveness of your approach.


Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to ensure that all your key staff have adequate safeguarding training and that safeguarding policies are compliant with all government requirements. We will also ensure that you have adequate measures in place for the regular reviewing of policies to ensure they are always up to date and compliant.

Health and safety

We will ensure you strike the right balance to ensure that your health and safety policies and training are focused on mitigating the real-world risks that apply at your college, and that learning opportunities are properly utilised to your benefit and the benefit of your students.

We will ensure your organisation is fully compliant with a healthy regard for risk awareness, whilst avoiding the pitfalls of risk avoidance.

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As specialists within the further education sector, the AoC are uniquely placed to understand the challenges posed by the education tendering & procurement process.

During your bid it’s essential that, as an education provider, you can demonstrate efficiency and effectiveness against clearly defined objectives. We will help you customise the bid to the requirements of the buyer and guide the process to an effective outcome.

We work with colleges and other educational establishments to ensure the procurement process is as smooth as possible, delivering effective communication and guidance through every stage of your bid.

If you are interested in bidding consultancy services or in bidding and tendering training, the AoC are the market leaders in the further education sector.

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