September opening, blend of in-person and online (Anonymous)

Number and mix of 16-18, 14-16 and adult learners:

  • 16-18 – approx. 3000:
  • Adult – approx. 3500
  • 14-16 – 50

Number of campuses, type of estate:

2 campuses, both city based. Approx 90% learners use public transport. One campus approx. 20 years old, another older

What have been your key considerations around the mix of in-person and online delivery within your college context?

  1. The digital infrastructure and resources available to all staff have been increased. Plan to capture learner digital technology and accessibility at enrolment underway
  2. Skill and attitudes towards digital TLA was surveyed in a JISC digital insights survey in June 2020 to inform CPD
  3. Complete overhaul of digital learning platform based on best practice for both face to face, remote and digital independent learning
  4. Remodelling of MS Teams with training to facilitate live remote sessions
  5. Revised digital expectations agreement for both staff and learners to sign up to
  6. Review of all TLA content to ensure that it is deliverable both in class and on remote platforms 0- that will continue into the new year
  7. Redesign of staff CPD to be focussed on line in all cases
  8. Review of timetables to implement 50% in/50% remote model and changes to attendance and register processes
  9. Timetable groupings where possible to restrict the movement of learners
  10. No social spaces open till at least October break – this staff will support curriculum


What is the mix and balance of in-person and online learning, how will this be reviewed?

  • 50% in and 50% out to October half term an re4view
  • Review of PPE underway for classrooms that exceed 2m limit imposed across the college for all rooms
  • Monitored on a weekly basis by the quality team to October half term