RCU Support for Students Award


This award is supported by RCU and AoC seeks to celebrate outstanding examples of student support provided by a College for a significant group of students, across a whole provision or college wide approach. This award might cover both student and learning support. The provision will be above and beyond what is the ‘norm’ and applications are not restricted to a specific type of course or programme. For example, applications would be welcome from colleges describing their bespoke provision for students with autistic spectrum disorders, or an outstanding example of information, advice and guidance, or excellent student or learning support for adults returning to study.

When completing the first stage application (max 1,000 words) please take note that the assessors will be scoring on innovation, impact and sustainability. Inclusion of information that supports the AoC Beacon Criteria will also aid successful applicants.

Colleges that exceed the AoC Beacon Standard will be invited to submit a full project brief for the second stage, which will build on the content in the first stage application. The second stage application should provide comprehensive additional evidence such as: positive learner outcomes, validated benefits to learners, student voice/employer feedback, or robust statistical data, or community impact.

Sponsor’s Criteria

Colleges wishing to apply for this award could consider some or all of the following:

  • An inclusive curriculum which includes teaching and learning activities well matched to students’ different needs, enabling individuals to develop skills and experiences to support successful progression to employment or independent living;
  • Effective support for the curriculum through engagement with employers and local communities, enabling sustained and successful involvement of students in the work place;
  • Equipping and empowering students to have a voice, to solve their own challenges, make their own choices and to participate in community or society;
  • An effective learner support service which is both comprehensive and high quality, sustained over a long period;
  • Effective learning support arrangements which include comprehensive transition planning for each individual, including processes that fully support students into college, employment and adult life, and which enable them to achieve success and help them to transform their lives;
  • Highly effective leadership, management and governance of students or learning support, as evidenced through strategic support and challenge, sustained advocacy and sound learner voice systems.

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