Projects Briefing 30.07.20

Published: 29 Jul 2020

Practice Development Groups

The Practice Development Groups (PDG) programme is a national programme funded by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), with regional activity in London and the South West being delivered by AoC.

The PDG programme aims to promote practitioner-led, collaborative professional development across the Further Education and Training sector. The PDG will consist of action learning sets of practitioners who work together on a short-term, small-scale project to improve an aspect of teaching, learning and assessment to enhance their teaching of English or their embedding of English and maths into other programmes of study, over a four-month period.

The programme will take place in two rounds and requires participants to meet once a month, over four months, in their action learning sets. Round one starts in October 2020 and ends in January 2021 and round two starts in January 2021 and ends in April 2021. We are currently recruiting group facilitators and group participants to take part in round one.

For more information about the programme and how to take part, please visit the AoC PDG website or email