Projects Briefing 23/19

Published: 15 Aug 2019

Understanding T Levels CPD Offer

Funded by the Department for Education, the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) has developed a high-quality professional development offer to support teachers, trainers and leaders who will be delivering T Levels in 2020 and beyond. The support aims to ensure that teachers and trainers have the teaching skills, subject knowledge and confidence needed to deliver a high-quality T Level programme from the outset.

We are pleased to be working with ETF to develop and deliver a CPD programme to support a wide range of staff across the sector to better understand T Levels. 

The Understanding T Levels CPD offer will aim to: 

  1. ensure that the FE workforce has information about T Levels so they:

a) understand the implications for their role and
b) can advise students (including those with SEND) effectively about their options.

  1. ensure that teachers in schools advising young people understand what T Levels are and what the potential benefits are.

A range of CPD resources are available. This includes online CPD modules, webinars focused on specific roles and face to face, in-house support and workshops. To learn more about the full offer, please visit the Understanding T Levels webpage.  Booking is now open via the ETF booking site


Teacher Regional Improvement Projects (TRIPs) Round 2

Through ETF’s T Level Professional Development offer, there is an opportunity for 2020, 2021 and future T Level providers to participate in sector-led, collaborative action research projects, known as Teacher Regional Improvement Projects (TRIPs).

TRIPs should aim to develop teaching practice in preparation for T Levels and ultimately ensure that learners undertaking T Levels develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and competencies required, and understand how they are applied in the occupation they want to progress into.

50 collaborative TRIPs will be funded across England. 31 TRIPs were commissioned in June 2019. Profiles of the 31 TRIPs are available on the ETF website. The second round of funding for the remaining 19 TRIPs is now open. 

£45,000 will be awarded to each TRIP. £20,000 is for project funding while the remaining £25,000 will be allocated for TRIP participants to access remission funding to allow them to participate in the wider T Level Professional Development offer. Each TRIP must involve a minimum of four organisations; one of which must be a 2020 T Level provider. One organisation must be appointed as the project lead. 

The deadline to apply is Friday 11 October. Please visit the TRIP webpage for more details and to download copies of the application form.