Projects Briefing 01.10.20

Published: 01 Oct 2020

T Level Professional Development offer (TLPD)

AoC is working in partnership with the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) to deliver aspects of the TLPD offer on behalf of the Department for Education. The TLPD offer, which started to become available from 1 September, is available in stages and is aimed primarily at those providers and their staff who will start the delivery of T Levels in 2021. 

Take part in local, regional and national networks and TRIPs, to interact and exchange ideas and resources with others.

Network events give practitioners, support staff and managers the opportunity to network with providers across their region. They are designed to facilitate collaboration with others, develop creative partnerships and identify future CPD based on FE sector colleagues personal and professional development needs.
These events are available to book through the ETF Booking System. Local, regional and national online network activity will start from 20 October, with more being added through the year. 

T Level Resource Improvement Projects (TRIPs) are provider-led, action research projects, which enable T Level staff to identify shared challenges and priority areas of work to support T Level delivery. The projects will enable practitioners, managers, specialist provider staff and employers to create, test and develop resources which will ultimately ensure T Level students develop the knowledge, skills, behaviours and occupational competencies required.

Guidance documents for both small (£1k-£5k) and large (£5k-£45k) TRIPs are available on the ETF’s website

To apply please complete an application form, also on the ETF’s website, and send it to for assessment.  Applications are open now and can be made up until 21 May 2021, the first deadline to receive large TRIP applications is 23 October 2020. 

The ETF’s TLPD offer is shaped around the needs of Further Education and Training providers and their workforce, alongside relevant regional, employer and curriculum requirements. Further elements will be launched over the coming months. Please fill out the online Expression of Interest form to receive direct and relevant updates. 

Free CPD programme for English and maths practitioners - Practice Development Groups Programme

AoC are inviting participants to benefit from a free English and maths CPD programme called the Practice Development Groups (PDG) programme. The PDG programme is a national programme funded by ETF, with regional activity in London and the South West being delivered by AoC.

The PDG programme aims to encourage practitioner led CPD through action learning sets. Practitioners will work together to improve an aspect of teaching, learning and assessment to enhance their teaching of English or embedding of English and maths into other programmes of study, over a four-month period. Practitioners are welcome to focus on a topic of their choice. Examples of current focuses include, blended learning, student engagement, using digital technology in teaching English and maths and the impact of language in maths. 

The programme is free to take part in. There is funding to support those who join as a group facilitator. For more information about the programme and how to take part, please visit the AoC PDG website or email