Colleges & Employers: Working together to create a highly-skilled workforce

Published: 15 Jun 2015


Further education colleges provide high-quality technical and professional education and training, designed to meet industry needs. They prepare over three million young people and adults with valuable skills for the workplace, helping to develop their career opportunities.

Colleges are inspirational places to learn, with expert teaching staff and industry-standard facilities. From basic skills to postgraduate degrees, colleges offer first-rate academic and vocational teaching in a range of professions, including engineering, hospitality, IT, construction and the creative arts.

A strong and growing economy is in all of our interests, and colleges play a central role in sustaining the recovery – they are the skills powerhouses that drive the local and national economy. Further education colleges across England make sure future workers have the skills employers require, and provide young people with the education and training they need to succeed.

Colleges have staff with teaching qualifications as well as first-hand experience to prepare students for the world of work. Not only are students more likely to get a job, they are more likely to get the right sort of job in the right sort of sector for the local economy.

Some of Britain’s most respected companies, such as Mulberry, BAE Systems and the Met Office, want their staff to have appropriate skills and work with colleges to ensure this. This is achieved in two ways – through designing qualifications specifically for the employer and through businesses working with colleges to inspire students. This relationship boosts aspirations, highlights the importance of employability skills and promotes the different roles available in a range of industries.

This publication celebrates the successes of these partnerships and shows how colleges are at the heart of powering this country’s economy.