PPE (Anonymous)

Number and mix of 16-18, 14-16 and adult learners

  • 16-18 study programmes - 4,691
  • 14-16 - 29
  • Adults learners (AEB), 4,119
  • Apprenticeships (all aes), 2,719
  • Higher Education, 414
  • A-Levels - 195

Number of campuses, type of estate

The College utilises six campuses, two of which are rented accommodation.

What have been your key considerations around PPE within your college context?

The College considered the Government’s guidelines to not wear face coverings in educational settings but has decided that these will be required to be worn by staff and students when moving around public and communal spaces on campus unless people have an exemption. This decision was based on the fact that as the College is a large inner-City College with c.16,000 young people and adults there will be social contact between people who do not usually meet.

The safety of staff, students and visitors is paramount to the College’s COVID 19 plans and the College considered in what circumstances Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) would be required to protect people from COVID 19.

Consideration was given to the requirements and practicalities of using PPE in any particular scenario and activity so that activities were still able to be carried out at the same time a protecting those people involved.

Consideration was given to the potential concerns that staff might have undertaking tasks which require the use of PPE.

Consideration was given to how the use of PPE was best communicated to those who would have to use it to ensure that they were able to use it appropriately.

Consideration has been given to where PPE resources were located on campuses.

How are you planning to manage and assure on PPE both staff and students?

The College will continue to share Government messages about how to reduce the likelihood of transmission of COVID 19 in general.

The College has a Health and Safety working group that has Union representatives on it which allows Unions to engage with all COVID 19 H&S issues and be part of any proposal /changes to working practises.

There are regular general communications with staff and students about the College’s COVID 19 plans. Information and guidance about how the College is managing the COVID 19 issue is located on the front page of the staff intranet hub.

Where staff have a role, which may involve the use of PPE, these staff have been directly contacted and any concerns they have addressed on a one to one basis. This includes staff who might have to undertake first aid, help a person who is showing symptoms of COVID 19 to go home, staff who provide personal care for students and staff who intervene in any behavioural incidents.

Where students require personal care, timetabling consideration will assure frequency of personal care is reduced to a minimum. Students, parents and carers will be provided with details on how the College will keep the care recipient safe. College managers will ensure named team members are available to respond to concerns raised by students, staff or parents/carers.

PPE stations will be located in areas where personal care and first aid are provided.


Staff and parents have both had guidance around our use of PPE.

Appropriate PPE will be worn for the activity that is being undertaken i.e. personal hygiene tasks, such as nappy changing etc.; dealing with a child showing symptoms of Covid-19; where there is a risk to splashing in the eyes due to coughing, sneezing, vomiting etc.