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Policy Groups

The dedicated AoC National Policy groups focus on medium and long-term influencing, as well as ensuring that policy is practical and can be delivered. Our aim is to set the agenda and inform policy, not simply react to it. They are supported by short-term task and finish groups on specialist subject areas or more immediate policy challenges. The full structure of the groups can be found in the document below.

Aim of the Groups

The primary aim of the group is to contribute to the development of AoC and national policy.

The groups will develop policy to inform and advise the Board of the Association, who will determine policy lines for AoC and will provide advice to national agencies and colleges on the development, implementation and delivery of key policies affecting the sector

Draft Terms of Reference

The AoC Policy and Delivery Groups will:

  • Contribute to the formulation of AoC policy on all matters in colleges ensuring the needs of students, communities and employers are met, by providing advice to the AoC Board and members
  • Provide a forum to work with Government Departments, partner organisations, Members of Parliament etc. on policy formation and implementation issues
  • Collate and develop views on behalf of colleges to feedback to national agencies on the impact of national policy on Colleges and their students and stakeholders, including on financial implications
  • Promote and advocate for delivery of high-quality provision, ensuring colleges’ central place in delivery of the policy agenda
  • Enhance and strengthen the reputation of colleges, as high-quality centres of learning
  • Advise Government and other agencies on programmes of workforce development and support for policies
  • Ensure effective two-way communication with AoC members and the AoC Governance structure on this area of policy
  • Inform, quality assure and feedback on projects.

Frequency of Meetings

It is proposed that groups meet three to four times a year. Generally, these meetings will be scheduled in advance for the academic year. However, there may be a need for one-off or additional meetings

Lead Contact

AoC will identify a lead officer for each policy and delivery group.