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AoC Student Engagement Charter

Students are partners in the education process and colleges benefit enormously from engaging with them at every level. This engagement needs to be authentic and meaningful and to build on students’ knowledge, skills, experience and aspirations.

That is why we have launched the AoC Charter for Student Engagement. You can download it here.

College commitment

Our college will:

  • Create and nurture a culture of partnership and engagement and treat our students as partners in learning.
  • Treat our students with respect and listen to their views.
  • Value, promote and embed student engagement across our college’s work and ensure that college processes build in opportunities for student feedback and action on that feedback.
  • Create inclusive student representative structures and commit sufficient resources, training and development to support them.
  • Help our students develop the skills and confidence needed for participation, leadership, advocacy and deliberation.
  • Encourage high participation in all student elections and consultations.
  • Promote equality, celebrate diversity and ensure that student engagement reflects our student cohort in all its diversity.
  • Provide opportunities for student involvement in Youth Social Action, volunteering, personal development and leadership activity.
  • Encourage our students to become informed, critical and active citizens.
  • Make the connection between student engagement and values of equality, democracy, the rule of law, respect and tolerance, individual freedom, political literacy and broader social issues.

    If you would like more information or to sign your college up to the charter, please complete the form below.