Vocational exams in January to go ahead, despite national lockdown - AoC responds

04 Jan 2021

Tonight, in response to the national lockdown announcement by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the details on January's vocational exams, Chief Executive David Hughes said:

“It seems that the Government wants the January VTQ exam series to go ahead over the next 3 weeks. That involves over 135,000 students in colleges. I think they should be cancelled – it is not safe for them to go ahead and it is not fair for students nor for staff. The Prime Minister has said that everyone should stay at home as much as possible, so how can he expect college staff to go in to invigilate, or students to feel safe enough to sit exams? I cannot see any reason strong enough for them to go ahead, and to cancel the summer exams and not the January series is inexplicable. Attendance anyway would be low, and travel for students and staff will be difficult, so I hope that the DfE recognises the impossibility of the situation and announces a cancellation as soon as possible.”

You can read full details of the announcement here