SMF report calls for new package on adult skills - AoC responds

12 Nov 2020

Repsonding to the Social Market Foundation's latest report (Adult) education, education, education that is calling for a major overhaul of adult skills and training services to help them find new work and avoid falling into poverty. Chief Executive, David Hughes said: 

“Today’s report from the Social Market Foundation is another timely reminder of the woeful underfunding of adult education, ahead of the spending review later this month. I share the worry about pressures facing the system in the coming months due to the economic downturn and the recognition that a reversal of the decade of cuts to adult education is the minimum needed to support those who will need retraining and upskilling as the recession sets in. 

The proposal to develop learner accounts could transform demand if it is introduced alongside stronger supply-side collaboration to ensure that the specialisms and learner pathways are put in place to meet needs. The report describes a positive vision for lifelong learning and recognition of the power of returning to study later in life. 

Collaboration, rather than competition between colleges and other providers is crucial to making this work. Any reform must create an education and training system that allows colleges and others to offer a clear set of learner pathways, relevant to their local communities and labour market which supports people of all backgrounds and circumstance to be able to make choices, with good advice and guidance.” 

You can read the full report here