Ofsted's review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges: AoC responds

10 Jun 2021

Today (10 June), Ofsted has released recommendations from its review into sexual abuse in schools and colleges. The Association of Colleges (the membership organisation, representing more than 90% of the college sector) has responded. 

David Hughes, Chief Executive, Association of Colleges said: "Colleges work hard to create safe environments for students to thrive in and will do whatever it takes to help eliminate sexual abuse and harassment. They strive to create a culture of safety, respect and consent in which every student can learn, live and be themselves. That culture is vital and as educators they recognise the responsibility they have to change our society by educating the next generation.

Colleges want students to be confident to report sexual abuse or harassment – on or off-campus, knowing that it will be taken seriously but they also want young people to understand about sexual violence in society and about how to develop healthy and consensual relationships and to communicate their feelings and concerns about other people’s behaviours.

Colleges are already working hard on this and will carefully read the report in order to review their own practices and learn from others. They are committed to helping young people to be part of safe, respectful and inclusive communities and making sure the cultural changes happen across every institution and in society more widely.”