Letter to new Education Recovery Commissioner calls for task group to combat lost learning

08 Feb 2021

Chief Executive of Association of Colleges, David Hughes has written to the newly appointed Education Recovery Minister Sir Kevan Collins about the impending consequences of lost learning and training on children and young people. 

AoC is particularly concerned about the challenges facing students who will not progress onto higher level or HE courses at the end of this academic year, who will face a tough labour market with few job opportunities open to them.  

The letter proposes a task and finish group could support the Commissioner to focus on this group, mitigating and responding to their lost learning in colleges, and helping with their transitions into jobs. The group would be supported by employers and colleges and would bring coherence to a range of government programmes to help this generation not become the lost generation.

The proposed group would:

  • focus on mitigating and responding to lost learning in colleges, transitions across different stages of learning, and crucially transitions into the labour market.
  • bring together organisations such as AoC, employer organisations, other stakeholders alongside relevant government departments, to work with the Commissioner to mitigate against the impact that lost learning will have on children and young people.
  • bring coherence and help deliver better short and longer term outcomes.

You can read the full letter below.