Everyone's invited & DfE sexual abuse helpline - AoC response

31 Mar 2021

Following the announcement of a new government helpline to support potential victims of sexual harassment and abuse in education settings, Association of Colleges has released the statement below.

Julian Gravatt, Deputy Chief Executive, Association of Colleges said:

"Everybody has a role to play in ending sexual violence and harassment of girls and women and the bravery of those coming forward to tell their stories is bringing out into the open stories that need to be told – this is hopefully a step forward. It is good that there is a helpline to support those who have been victims of abuse and harassment, and we are confident that colleges have robust structures in place to support those who report incidents. But we need to move beyond thinking just about what happens once someone has become a victim of abuse, and increase the focus on stopping people being perpetrators in the first place. This includes a zero tolerance environment, and better education about consent and consequences. Colleges take seriously their responsibility to all of their students and are constantly striving to create the safest possible environment to study and train."