EPI reveals £10–15 billion is required to make up for lost learning - AoC responds

20 Apr 2021

Responding to report from the Education Policy Institute on education recovery, Chief Executive, David Hughes said: 

“Today’s report from EPI is in line with our own report last week which called for £1.5bn of post-16 investment. It reinforces the impact the pandemic has had on young people and the need for serious and urgent investment in education recovery.  As the government decides how to avoid a lost generation, it must consider the entire education system, school pupils and college students have been severely impacted across the past year and support must not drop off at 16. Our survey showed that over two thirds of post-16 students are between one and four months behind where they should be. Any catch- up plans need to include a fully funded recovery year of extra study and targeted support for disadvantaged students through a 16-19 bursary.” 

You can read the full report here