DfE college guidance for England's national lockdown - AoC responds

05 Nov 2020

Responding to the guidance for colleges as the new national restrictions across England begin (5 November), Chief Executive, David Hughes said: 

"This guidance will be carefully considered by college leaders as they make their plans for the second lockdown. It’s clear that for young people, the government is still expecting at least 50% face to face teaching, but recognises that in some cases Public Health England advice or local circumstances will require more online than that. It is also helpful in recognising that it is college leaders who make the decisions whilst informing ESFA as soon as possible. This should give college leaders the confidence that they are being trusted to make complex judgements and decisions that are best for their students and staff. We will continue to work closely with DfE to communicate the issues that colleges are facing, including the additional costs of being Covid compliant whilst remaining open as well as the impact moving more adult learning online will have on recruitment and retention.” 

The full guidance is available here.