AoC's 2019 spending review asks

07 Jul 2019

AoC's 2019 spending review paper sets out the case for change. You can read it in full here:

Our case covers four areas

  •  a significant increase in spending on the education of young people. 
  • increases in spending on higher technical education, adult education and apprenticeships to increase productivity.
  • a capital budget to extend the life of buildings and equipment.
  • a new strategic relationship between colleges and government

Over 15 pages, the paper explains the case for raising 16 to 18 funding rates, for action to close socio-economic gaps, for apprenticeship reform and for full implementation of the government's Post -18 review in terms of adult further education and capital spending

Treasury has not yet set out the terms for the 2019 spending review but the Chancellor indicated a plan for a three year review covering the period from 2020 to 2023. When HM Treasury, DfE and other government departments finally start the review, there will need to be a fresh approach to education spending in the 2020s.