AoC signs Fair Education Alliance Letter on Education Recovery plans

09 Jun 2021

AoC has signed a letter alongside of a cross-sector coalition of over 200 businesses, educationalists, charities, and young people, calling on the government to reconsider its education recovery plans.

The Fair Education Alliance letter proposes a recovery plan to commit to the £13.5bn to:

  • Support and development for the education workforce with a focus on supporting disadvantaged students
  • Increased investment in provision of enrichment activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Investment in increasing parental, carer, and community engagement in learning (beyond the early years)
  • Continued allocation of funds for 1:1 and small group tuition/coaching with a focus on disadvantage
  • Investment in careers education targeted for disadvantaged young people
  • A renewed focus on how the accountability system promotes fairness
  • Tackling the digital divide through investment in technology

You can read the full letter here