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Apprenticeships July's monthly surveys

01 August 2017

Please find below links to the July’s monthly survey’s from DfE, they would very much like your feedback on proposals to develop new apprenticeship standards in a range of sectors across the economy, and draft apprenticeship standards and assessment plans, which have been submitted by the trailblazer employer groups for approval. These standards are transforming the way apprenticeships are delivered across England; ensuring that they deliver the skills that employers need, as well the training that will benefit an apprentice throughout their future careers. As stakeholders with an interest in apprenticeship delivery, they would value your feedback on any proposals or draft standards and draft assessment plans in which you have an interest. Please find below links to the on-line survey’s for your comments on expressions of interest, draft standards and draft assessment plans of which include, Integrated Higher Education Professional Apprenticeship Digital Communications Operator Process Leader Retail Degree Apprenticeship Financial Services Professional Digital Applications Operator Further Education Learning and Skills Teacher Further Education and Training-Learning Mentor Further Education and Training-Assessor Coach Customer Service Specialist Beauty Professional and many more are available for feedback. This month there are 8 expression of interest (EOIs), 15 draft assessment plans and 22 draft standards. It would be very helpful to have any comments on the standards for IfA to liaise with the trailblazers on any particular issues. Please note the surveys will close on Monday 7 August 2017. Access to the survey on new apprenticeship proposals Access to the survey on draft standards Access to the survey on draft assessment plans You can also view the latest list of approved for delivery standards.