National Star College

National Star College, through effective international exchange partnerships, have shared inclusive practices within specialist education to enable multi-disciplinary professionals and disabled learners to improve skills.

Sharing specialist-teaching and learning, assessment, assistive technology and cultural perspectives towards disability, enabled professionals to improve their service delivery. Disabled learners improved their communication, became more globally aware and had opportunities, for the first time in their lives, to travel in order to effectively develop employability skills alongside their peers.

This project enabled Greek and UK learners to develop employability, team working and communication skills through working in social enterprises together. It has enabled UK students to support Greek students to establish a commercial college print enterprise promoting greater employment prospects and skills development for disabled students in Greece.

The outcomes of Supporting Inclusive Practice have enabled other UK disabled students across the college to develop employability skills through partnership working. A job-mentoring scheme, developed by the programme, now established in Greece, is developing employability skills for the first time in post-college work placements for disabled Greek students.
This innovative programme improved skills for professionals through shared inclusive practice and has given students unique opportunities to develop employability skills through effective international collaboration.

“Assessors identified that the inclusive practice, assistive technology; and specialist teacher education within this programme has far reaching benefits to the wider sector.  Staff, students and partner colleges gain immensely from the international experience and exemplify the value of international work to enhance the curriculum and impact of further education with all those involved.”