Millie and Grace Lathwell - Derby College Group

Twins Grace and Millie Lathwell (18) from Mickleover in Derby both decided to study the same A levels at JWC after John Port School because they were keen to study Criminology. 

Both achieved A* in the subject with Grace gaining an A* in Sociology and a B in Psychology whilst Millie achieved an B and C in the respective subjects although the College has lodged an appeal for the Sociology result. 

The sisters are now both progressing onto the University of Derby to study Criminology and are hoping to spend as much time in lectures and tutorial sessions rather than remote learning. 

Grace said: “Although we have both done enough to get into University, we are disappointed with Millie’s B grade and we hope the appeal brings this up. 

“It was pretty stressful when lockdown first happened because we had to ensure we got all the work done for our grades to be assessed but, once we knew how it was all going to work, we were actually both quite relieved that we didn’t have to sit exams because we get very nervous. 

“We’re both really grateful to our teachers for the support we got in those final weeks and it was a shame not to be able to finish the whole college experience as we really enjoyed it at Joseph Wright.”