The Association of Colleges (AoC) responds to many Government consultations through the year on a range of issues which impact colleges.

February 2018

AoC response to Institute for Apprenticeships Occupational Maps (PDF,372.13 KB)

AoC response to Implementation of T level programmes (PDF,509.21 KB)

January 2018

AoC_MAC response_26 jan 2018.pdf (PDF,294.81 KB)

December 2017

AoC response to NUS Poverty Commission (PDF,537.67 KB)

November 2017

AoC response to DfE Maths and English functional skills: revised subject content consultation (PDF,476.74 KB)

AoC response to Education Select Committee Alternative Provision Inquiry (PDF,343.39 KB)

September 2017

AoC response to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee inquiry on The economics of higher, further and technical education (PDF,430.44 KB)

April 2017

AoC Response to the Industrial Strategy Green Paper (PDF,486.45 KB)

March 2017

Bus Services Bill Public Bill Committee Submission.pdf (PDF,399.99 KB)

OfS Fees Submission.pdf (PDF,406.79 KB)

January 2017

AoC Submission Draft Strategic Guidance to the Institute for Apprenticeships (PDF,435.3 KB)

AoC Response to Home Affairs Select Committee Immigration Inquiry.pdf (PDF,469.51 KB)

December 2016

Schools that work for everyone consultation response.pdf (PDF,556.22 KB)

November 2016

AoC Response to Education Committee Inquiry on Brexit impact on HE.pdf (PDF,392.42 KB)

AoC Written Submission Technical and Further Education Bill.pdf (PDF,395.43 KB)

October 2016

AoC Autumn Statement 2016 Submission (PDF,523.14 KB)

September 2016

Final submission to the Education and Skills Sub Committee inquiry on area reviews.pdf (PDF,464.83 KB)

AoC Submission RoATP Proposals (PDF,570.75 KB)

AoC Submission Funding 1 May 2017 Proposals (PDF,455.4 KB)

Bus Services Bill Select Committee Submission.pdf (PDF,401.03 KB)

August 2016

HE Bill Written Evidence Public Bill Committee August 2016.pdf (PDF,435.36 KB)

April 2016

AoC response to school funding consultation (PDF,15.9 KB)

AoC response to high needs funding formula and other reforms (PDF,420.38 KB)

March 2016

AoC Submission Children and young people’s mental health (PDF,426.55 KB)

AoC Submission Consultation on marking reviews, appeals, grade boundaries and Code of Practice (PDF,439.28 KB)

AoC Reponse - public sector apprenticeship targets (PDF,170.49 KB)

February 2016

AoC Submission - Keeping Children Safe in Education (PDF,498.14 KB)

AoC- Consultation Response 'Keeping children safe in education' (PDF,498.05 KB)

January 2016

CEIAG AoC Submission Careers advice, information and guidance inquiry Jan 2016 (PDF,434.07 KB)

AoC Submission Final Entries To Legacy GCSEs AS and A Levels Consultation Jan 2016 (PDF,282.87 KB)

AoC Response - Consultation on Implementing the English Baccalaureate (PDF,480.54 KB)

AoC Response to the HE Green Paper January 2016 (PDF,586.94 KB)

December 2015

AoC response - consultation on draft language requirements December 2015 (PDF,390.44 KB)

October 2015

AoC Submission to the Digital Economy Inquiry October 2015 (PDF,531.23 KB)

AoC Submission Apprenticeship Levy Consultation (PDF,399.73 KB)

September 2015

Low Pay Commission: Consultation on the National Minimum Wage (PDF,475.31 KB)

AoC submission to the Select Committee on Social Mobility Sept 2015.pdf (PDF,704.04 KB)

AoC Spending Review Submission (PDF,592.65 KB)

Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill (PDF,397.33 KB)

Welfare Reform & Work Bill Consultation Response.pdf (PDF,415.2 KB)

August 2015

Consultation on a Public Sector Exit Payment Cap (PDF,96.61 KB)

Trade Union Reform - consultation on ballot thresholds in important public services.pdf (PDF,425.8 KB)

Trade Union Reform - Consultation on tackling intimidation of non-striking workers.pdf (PDF,421.73 KB)

Trade Union Reform - Hiring agency staff during strike action.pdf (PDF,417.5 KB)