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Engage with your local MP(s)

Colleges across the country enjoy strong relationships with local and national politicians, including their local MPs. Colleges Week provides a fantastic opportunity to champion our sector, embed these strong relationships and highlight support from MPs of all parties right across the country.

This year we have seen the continuation of the Government’s skills reform agenda, with the roll-out of T Levels progressing, the introduction of legislation that will bring about the Lifelong Loan Entitlement, and the awarding of an additional £185million in funding in 2023/2024 and £285million in 2024/2025 for the sector. Alongside all of these changes, we face significant challenges as a sector – including the biggest FE staffing crisis in two decades and the continued defunding of level 3 qualifications.

Politicians and political parties are also looking ahead to the next General Election which will likely take place next year. Guided by our members we’ve outlined in our Opportunity England report what steps we think the next Government needs to take to build a cohesive education and skills training system, set up and supported to deliver for people, businesses and for communities.

Colleges Week is a great opportunity to strengthen and publicly champion your relationships with local MPs so that decision-makers are aware of the level of support we enjoy as a sector. With a General Election on the horizon, it’s also an important chance to highlight the bold and confident vision we share for the sector highlighted in the Opportunity England report. So, we are asking members to write to your local MP(s) encouraging them to visit their college during Colleges Week 2023.

A visit to the college could take place on Friday 13 October or Friday 20 October (Fridays are constituency days for MPs) or whenever works. This is a chance to showcase your college to your MP(s), give them the opportunity to speak with students, bring in your employer partners to show their support for the college, and demonstrate how your college is providing the skills needed in your communities.

We have put together this draft invitation letter for you to send to your MP encouraging them to visit. Feel free to use some or all of this letter or write your own.

And don’t worry if a visit is not possible. If your MP(s) are unable to visit the college during Colleges Week, they might perhaps instead agree to record a 20-30 second video of support and post it on social media with the hashtags #LoveOurColleges #CollegesWeek2023.

MP Letter Template