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Colleges Week 2023

This year we are planning a fortnight-long Colleges Week! The reason we have gone for a two week celebration is to ensure all colleges can take part regardless of half term dates and because it will most likely be the last Colleges Week before the next general election – which we are expecting to be in Autumn 2024. Spreading it over two weeks means we can have a dual local and national focus, influencing stakeholders on both the local and national stages. It will also slightly overlap with the end of party conference season, which will be a powerful campaigning tool for those of us at the conferences this year.

The first week will start on Monday 9 October and focus on how colleges support local skills, labour markets and life chances. We will have a daily theme, focussed around a key sector which colleges support: Construction; Digital; Green Skills; Health and Social Care; Hospitality. The aim during the first week will be to get employers and local civic and political figures into colleges, with some suggested activities like a business breakfast, skills lunch, an employment exhibition. We will provide support and ideas for hosting these events.

The second week will start on Monday 16 October and will focus on the role colleges play in supporting the national economy and how with greater investment the sector can help boost the country’s flagging productivity levels. As in previous years, we will host a Parliamentary reception on the Wednesday (18 October).

Our #LoveOurColleges campaign has gone from strength to strength since 2018 and we will be continuing to promote this year-round campaign in the run up to and during Colleges Week so please continue to tag your content on social media.

If you have any questions please email

Five ways to get involved in Colleges Week 2023

1. Shout about success

    We all know the amazing and transformational work colleges do day in day out, so let's make sure we shout about it. During Colleges Week, and throughout the run up, make sure to celebrate your staff and students.

    2. Use the hashtag

      Whether you are on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, tag your content using the #LoveOurColleges and #CollegesWeek2023 hashtags. AoC will be monitoring the hashtag and resharing lots of exciting content.

      3. Involve your stakeholders

        Colleges Week focusses the eyes of politicians, businesses and the media on the further education sector. It is a great opportunity to engage your MP(s), invite business leaders to campus and get stories in the local paper.

        4. Plan engaging activities

          In the run up to October, we will be sharing some ideas for activities you can host to engage your staff and students with Colleges Week. If you already have a brilliant idea then get it in the diary, and please let us know.

          5. #LoveOurColleges

            Share the love and support your local colleges.

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