Love Our Colleges - Valentines Day Activity 14 February

With it being Valentine’s Day today, it seems an obvious opportunity to highlight our love for colleges, and to playfully raise college funding with the Chancellor.

Steve Frampton, AoC President will be joining leaders from across the Love Our Colleges coalition to present a large heart-shaped card to the Treasury calling for them to properly invest in colleges. We are keen to amplify that on social media - and have produced a simple graphic which we would encourage you to all tweet to the Chancellor.

We have draft tweets which you are free to use, or edit as you see fit - and you can add our simple graphic on the colleges week website.

Template tweets

This valentine’s day, will you @hmtreasury / @philiphammondUK join us in sharing the love - and commit to fair funding for colleges? #LoveOurColleges #valentinesday

Dear @hmtreasury@philiphammondUK show your love for colleges with: increased college funding for students and fair pay for staff in the upcoming spending review. #LoveOurColleges #valentinesday


The action request was included in the Chief Executive letter 06/19 sent to principals and chairs on Friday 8 February (and available here).