Lillie Tivey - Rugby College

A Levels grades achieved: A in English Language and Literature, A in Sociology and B in Criminology.

Lillie started her A-Levels in a wheelchair as she had recently undergone surgery and was in cast for 12 weeks.

She said: “I was expecting A, B, B and was surprised about the A in English.  I’m really happy.”

“Part of the reason I went to Rugby College was because of the accessibility.  It was a challenge starting A-Levels in a wheelchair because I had just had surgery and was in cast for 12 weeks.  They were really good with accessibility.”

She said: “I’ve just been accepted into Northampton University to do a primary school teaching degree.  It was my first choice and I’m really happy.”

Lillie has secured a place at her first-choice university at Northampton University, and is looking forward to starting her degree course in September.