Jisc Award for Effective Use of Technology in FE Award

This award recognises where the effective use of technology has improved student experience, either through enhancements to teaching, learning and assessment, or through creating business efficiencies which have enabled positive change.

The assessors will be looking for applications which demonstrate how new models of delivery and/or ways of working have had significant impact on both students and the college workforce, whether used across the institution or in specific curriculum/business areas.

Applications should include comprehensive evidence of positive student outcomes, financial savings, student voice/employer feedback and digital engagement statistics which clearly demonstrates  many of the following:

  • Effective new models of delivery and/or assessment which enhance the learning experience and result in a significant increase in student outcomes, including student retention, achievement, progression and satisfaction
  • The use of technology which has resulted in the improvement in the quality of teaching, learning and assessment and enriched the curriculum
  • Effective use of technology which enables the development of increased organisational efficiency and has achieved significant quantified savings, in business processes and delivery of learning and other services, and/or released time and money
  • Effective leadership in developing and sustaining a digitally capable institution via the wider use of technology to support learning and institutional development
  • Innovative use of technology contributing to the development of the curriculum – including digital skills - to meet the needs of the community the college serves
  • A transferable model which can be cascaded and adopted by other institutions. 


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