How members can participate

What are we doing, and what can you do, at this stage?

Currently, we are awaiting the second reading of the Bill in the House of Lords and in the meantime are briefing Peers from across the House. In anticipation of this, based on what we know now, we have prepared the briefing below for parliamentarians:

Ideas for activities you can do now include: 

  1. It is an ideal moment to meet with your MP to share your hopes, fears and expectations whilst encouraging them to engage in the legislative process.

  1. You can share our briefing with your local MP and member of the House of Lords or draw from it for your conversations. We have created a draft email template that you can use when contacting House of Lords members which can be found here.

  2. Utilise your local media organisations to get press coverage for both your college and the wider FE skills agenda. Skills are now at the top of the national policy agenda and we encourage all members to take advantage of this opportunity.

  3. Utilise your governing body and ask governors to contact local MP's and and House of Lords member to further encourage them to engage in this legislative process and the benefits colleges can bring to their communities.   

We would be grateful if you could forward any response you receive from your local MP or House of Lords member to our Public Affairs team at This will help give us an understanding of which parliamentarians are interested in the progress of the Bill. 

These activities and actions will be updated throughout the process of the bill, where debates and committee amendments are annouced so please do keep checking this page.