Government’s FE Reform Agenda

Update: We have had confirmation in the Queen's Speech that there will be a Skills and Post-16 Education Bill. This bill will be presented to parliament on Tuesday 18 May 2021 and we will update this page and resources as information is released. 

Links for the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill 

Public Affairs Briefing 13 May 2021

Guide to Parliamentary Process

Briefing on the first reading of the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill

Blog: What we expect to see in the Skills and Post-16 Education Bill 

Skills for Job White Paper 

In January 2021 the government launched its 'Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunities and Growth' White Paper, with a clear focus on the pivotal role that further and technical education has in helping people get skills for good jobs now and in the future. Part of the government's 'Plans for Jobs', it recognises the importance of colleges in boosting productivity, strengthening communities, and suppprting individuals. 

Useful documents and links:
The Skills for Jobs White Paper
AoC's White Paper Summary briefing
AoC's media response
'Skills for Jobs' FE White Paper Policy Group

What is a White Paper?
A White Paper is a policy document, used by government to set out their proposals for future legislation. 

What happens next?
As part of the White Paper process, government will consult and discuss with interested and impacted groups, often with the chance for ammendments to be made before a Bill is presented to Parliament. 

AoC will be coordinating sector-wide consultations, including through our White Paper Working Group. We'll be working with colleges, with business and community stakeholders to help guide the process. We will keep members regularly updated with what is happening and how they can engage with the White Paper - locally and nationally. If you are a senior leader of an AoC member college, you can sign up for our White Paper Working Group here

You may also be interested in some of the marketing materials we have produced to help promote the Skills for Jobs White Paper. You can find them here

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