Gold Awards

Gold Awards Update
Following the AoC review of its awards in 2017/18, the AoC Charitable Trust has agreed not to offer the existing Gold Awards programme for 2018/19.
We will be developing a new award that will still recognise and celebrate those who have benefited from their time in a college and are able to champion the work for FE Colleges.
The new awards, however, will have a revised nomination criteria along with a new name that more accurately reflects the purpose of the awards. We  aim to launch the new award  in early 2019 and announce/celebrate the winners and their colleges in the summer of 2019.
It is imperative that we make better use of the winners, be clear on the obligations in being nominated and our expectations of winners to  be advocates of FE and  promote the excellent work of colleges, their staff and students.

We will announce more details in the autumn.