General Election guidance

The campaign is a great opportunity for us to enhance relationships with sitting MPs who are re-elected and to develop new relationships with newly-elected MPs. A small amount of hard work now can ensure that your newly elected MP(s) becomes a supporter in the next Parliament. Achieving that will enhance our profile and our chances of securing on-going funding and support.

We are producing a guide for colleges in dealing with the elections, providing advice on dealing with candidates and holding events such as hustings. This will be uploaded below as soon as it is finalised. As with the last election, we will be working on a short ‘register to vote’ campaign aimed at your students. The key website is here.

NUS and the Electoral Commission have created this useful pack with ideas and resources focused on encouraging students to register to vote.

There is a tight turnaround for this election, so for information, here are some key dates to note:

  • Wednesday 6 November - Dissolution of Parliament
  • Tuesday 26 November - Voter registration deadline
  • Wednesday 27 November - Deadline for applying for a postal vote
  • Thursday 12 December - General Election 2019