Completed projects and their outcomes

Leadership in a world of change: AoC has investigated and explored the impact of the Goernment's devolution and loaclism proposals on further education. AoC was awared funding for this project from the Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL).

Study Programme Central: Under the DfE Shared Learning Grant, AoC created a range of tools and devices to support the implementation of Study Programmes.

National Apprenticeship Service Graduation Ceremonies: This project aimed to recognise apprentices' success and give apprenticeships a higher profile through offering graduation-style ceremonies. A project evaluation and toolkit are available below.
NAS apprenticeship graduation ceremony evaluation report (PDF,385.88 KB) 
Project toolkit (PDF,6.14 MB)

WorldSkills Legacy Projects: This was a suite of projects aimed at building on the legacy of WorldSkills 2011.

National Skills Competition CPD Programme: The CPD programme built on the research and outputs from the WorldSkills legacy projects to expand the reach and impact of skills competitions in the FE sector's curriculum.

Curriculum Development: See how Walsall College, Heart of Worcestershire College and the Kingston and Sutton Educational Partnership have got on with their projects that improve the delivery of frontline services. These projects enable colleges to deal with current and new demands from students, employers and the Government.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Reforms: A series of surveys, best practice case studies and regional seminars were produced to assist colleges in the implementation of the SEND reforms in 2014. The reforms required significant changes to policy, procedure and practice in further education colleges in England.

Shared Services Longitudinal Study:  This link showcases detailed findings from a variety of shared services projects run under the Grant Fund and Efficiency Innovation Fund since 2010, including City College Norwich Federation and Wessex Federation.

Chinese Principals' Shadowing Scheme: The Chinese Principals' Shadowing programme, ran across the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector in the UK, and was supported by the British Council. The aim was f UK colleges to  collaborate and build long term commercail partnerships with Chinese colleges. Email the projects team for more information.