NLG Case Studies

Our NLG community has vast expertise around support, advice and facilitation across a wide range of governance topics. We have produced 10 case studies to illustrate this work, one for each of the principal responsibilities of good governance from the Code of Good Governance for English Colleges, highlighting the work of the National Leaders of Governance.

The following  Effective Governance Guide for Independant Training Providers .pdf (PDF,554.01 KB) was produced by PublicCo as part of the 2017/18 NLG support programme


Strategic Change (PDF,178.8 KB)

Collectively Accountable (PDF,165.89 KB)

Policies, Systems and the Student Voice (PDF,168.91 KB)

Teaching and learning (PDF,276.95 KB)

Responsiveness (PDF,184.24 KB)

Financial Strategy and Audit (PDF,218.61 KB)

Partnership (PDF,163.57 KB)

Equality and Diversity (PDF,196.55 KB)

Effective Governance Structures (PDF,180.02 KB)

Review of Governance Performance (PDF,386.66 KB)

Case studies from NLG assignments

Board Skills Audit.pdf (PDF,73.88 KB)

Governance structures for Adult Community Learning (PDF,156.41 KB)

Encouraging good financial scrutiny (PDF,155.86 KB)

Planning a federation (PDF,165.08 KB)

Getting ready for an Area Review (PDF,158.91 KB)

Promoting diversity in the governing body (PDF,172.82 KB)

Governance Structures for Independent Training Providers (PDF,182.98 KB)

Governance Best Practice and Equality and Diversity for Independent Training Providers (PDF,180.82 KB)