National Clerks' Network

AoC's National Clerks’ Network (NCN) is a voluntary association of clerks of boards of corporations that operates in accordance with the NCN National Clerks' Network Terms of Reference (PDF,72.34 KB).

Its mission is "to promote excellence in governance by providing a mutual support network for clerks, representing the views of clerks, and providing a communications channel to and from clerks and other groups and individuals who are in a position to influence college governance".

The NCN operates through nine committees, corresponding to AoC’s regions. At meetings of the regional committees clerks are invited both to express their views on issues of governance and to receive guidance on key issues.

The NCN National Committee usually meets six times a year. It is the conduit for information to and from the regions and is responsible for promoting the voice of clerks in the sector and ensuring clerks are properly informed on all key governance issues. Its members are elected to represent each regional committee and there are also co-opted members, including a representative of sixth form colleges.

The minutes of National Committee meetings are published.

The NCN works closely with both AoC and the Governors’ Council. There is a memorandum of understanding (PDF,296.1 KB) between AoC and the NCN. The NCN has a co-opted member on the Governors’ Council.

If you would like further information about the NCN, please email AoC’s Governance Unit or call 020 7034 9900.