Governors' Council

AoC established its Governors’ Council ('the Council') in 2008. The Council’s mission is "to develop and use the experience and expertise of governors, to represent their views in the formulation of AoC policy and promote best practice in college governance".

The Council members consist of:

  • governors who have either been elected from each of AoC’s nine regions or have been co-opted to ensure that the Council is properly representative of the diversity of colleges and governance structures
  • a member of the National Governance Professionals' Special Interest Group – thus recognising the important role of governance professionals
  • a number of AoC ex officio members

AoC Governors’ Council is committed to working in an open and transparent way. It publishes the minutes of its meetings. See the Council minutes.

The Council maintains networks in all AoC’s regions. These networks aim to engage with governors and collect their views to inform AoC policy and initiatives. The Council’s regional network provides Governors  with feedback and information from AoC and other organisations. These networks run events to support and develop governors’ understanding of issues within the sector.

If you would like further information about AoC Governors’ Council, please email AoC’s Governance Team or call 020 7034 9900.