Recruiting a governor

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our recruitment team and can now offer colleges support with the appointment of Governance roles e.g. Chair or Clerk positions. Please see AoC Services website for more information. You can also read some helpful guidance and support below.

Guidance and support

Governors for schools and Inspiring FE Governance both offer free governor recruitment services. 

Governors for Schools (formerly SGOSS) has many years’ experience of recruiting governors. They will review each application made through its site and then seek to identify colleges where the applicant’s skills and experience most closely match vacancies on the board. They will also provide support to both applicants and colleges throughout the period of mutual consideration.

Inspiring FE Governance is a free service dedicated to finding individuals with the right skills to serve on FE Boards in England, including chairs of finance committees. Board members are committed volunteers who have a similar role to company non-executive directors. The service is funded by the Education and Training Foundation and run by Educations and Employers, an independent Charity. 

Case Studies

These case studies illustrate different approaches to recruiting governors taken by colleges.

Best practice materials

These materials have been shared by individual colleges and made available here as examples of best practice.



 (NB this is taken from a Christian college so includes faith based questions which would not be relevant for many colleges)