Induction of Governors

The following guidance, checklists and useful publications are aimed particularly at newly appointed governors, or anyone who may be considering volunteering as a governor.


In setting the scene, we explain the context for further education governance. This is developed in terms of the national framework and the local framework. The guidance describes the governing body and its powers and how it operates in the context of regulation, funding and inspection. We explain the role of college staff and the way an institution operates its governance arrangements.

We have included guides to the various legal obligations that all corporations must operate under. We also list the in-house arrangements that must be in place to facilitate the effective induction of a new governor and the information about the college they need to be aware of.

New governors may be interested in our links to other useful resources, as well as our FAQs page. This answers questions that new governors frequently ask.

AoC welcomes any comments on this guidance, as well as personal observations about starting as a governor, which we will incorporate into the next revision of this guidance - please email AoC’s Governance Team with any comments.