Teaching and Learning

The Code of Good Governance for English Colleges states that college governors must:

Foster exceptional teaching and learning.

The following provides resources to assist with this including self-assessment reports, study programmes and Ofsted

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Case studies

Effective Governance: National Leader of Governance (NLG) Teaching and learning case study

Guidance notes

A guidance note, primarily intended for first-term governors.


157 Group, 2014

This paper explains the Government's plan to update the skills system to make it more rigorous and responsive to the needs of employers and learners. 

Webinars and video

Scrutiny of teaching and learning for governors

Melanie Kavanagh, 2014. This webinar discusses the strategic role of governors in securing improvements to teaching, learning and assessment and closing achievement gaps.  This includes consideration of the monitoring and evaluation of students’ outcomes and progress, and of governors’ role in evaluating, moderating and validating reviews and self-assessment reports.

Technology in colleges – what do governors need to know? 

Matt Dean, Technology Policy Manager, AoC, 2015. In this webinar Matt discusses the strategic approach to technology for governors particularly about major IT investment in colleges.