Strategy and Leadership

Strategy and leadership form a central part of the Code of Good Governance for English Colleges.  This states that college governors must:

Formulate and agree the mission and strategy including defining the ethos of the college.

The following information includes resources for strategic planning, structure and prospects appraisals, corporate social responsibility, key performance indicators and public benefit statements.

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Case studies


Guidance notes

AoC, 2014


Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), 2015. This review discusses the extent that the importance of strong governance is acknowledged and embedded within colleges. 

BIS, 2014. This document provides additional guidance to further education corporations on the triggers and process for undertaking a structure and prospects appraisal. 


What does policy look like now the money’s run out? 
Professor Ewart Keep, Chair in Education, Training and Skills at Oxford University proposed that the policy world and funding regime that colleges have known over the last 20 years or more is drawing to an end and that a new era of austerity and very sharply reduced public funding is beginning.  This webinar considered the long-term implications of this for colleges and their management teams.

FE Policy in the New Parliament
Martin Doel, Chief Executive, AoC and Dr Susan Pember, Governance Advisor, AoC. The General Election has produced the first majority Conservative Government in almost twenty years. This webinar discusses the outcome of the election and how we might best represent the interests of colleges and their students to the new Government. The webinar will set out the wider political and economic challenges for the Government and then get into the detail of what it plans for education and skills and policies likely to impact on college governance, including the newly announced Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill (Apprenticeships), Education and Adoption Bill and Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill.