Review of Governance Performance

The Code of Good Governance for English Colleges states that college governors must:

Regularly review governance performance and effectiveness.

The following provides guidance and support on this including board effectiveness reviews and benchmarking.

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Case Studies

Effective Governance: National Leader of Governance (NLG) Review of Governance Performance case study 

Peterborough Regional College Case Study: Code of Good Governance for English Colleges (PDF,175.56 KB)

An outstanding FE college - Walsall College (PDF,337.97 KB)

An outstanding sixth form college - Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College (PDF,481.27 KB)

From "notice to improve" to "outstanding" in four years - Exeter College (PDF,1.09 MB)

Transforming governance following inspection - John Leggott College (PDF,305.93 KB)

Guidance notes

Board self evaluation (PDF,399.75 KB)
Guidance for chairs, principals, clerks and governors who are considering how they will evaluate the board's performance.

Appraisal and assessment of the chair (PDF,500.65 KB)
How the performance of the chair can be appraised and how feedback can be used to support the chair's development and effectiveness. 

Appraisal and assessment of individual governors (PDF,244.86 KB)
Guidance to support clerks and chairs in considering ways of carrying out individual governor appraisals, and to help governors understand the different processes


Example of a handout for the appraisal of independent governors by the chair (PDF,60.38 KB)

Example of a questionnaire for an independent governor's appraisal (PDF,189.93 KB)

An assessment of the impact of governance reform in further education colleges (PDF,360.56 KB)
A review of expectations, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), 2015

How colleges improve. A review of effective practice: what makes an impact and why, Ofsted, 2012
Summary (PDF,150.58 KB)
Full report (PDF,534.49 KB) 


Corporation self-assessment (PDF,558.51 KB)
Examples of templates used for corporation self-assessment, including performance reviews of the chair, corporation and committees.

Search Committee self-assessment (PDF,80.69 KB)

Chair's performance review (PDF,142.03 KB)

Personal review and assessment form (PDF,333.11 KB)